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Kelly Morrison Wins District 33B Reelection
Bennie Goldfarb, Editor in-Chief
November 20, 2020

Kelly Morrison was an OBGYN [obstetrics and gynaecology] prior to running for state representative for district 33B in 2018.  Like many,...

Minnesota Continues Trend of High Voter Turnout
Ayse Ozturk, Staff Reporter
November 16, 2020

The United States has seen the highest ever voter turnout in this year’s election than in the last century.  With a voter turnout of over...

Winter Sports Suspended as Covid-19 Cases Rise Across Minnesota
Josie Fieldman, Staff Reporter
November 23, 2020

On Nov. 21, thousands of athletes began to grieve the suspension of their sports, due to the rapidly increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Minnesota.  Governor...

National Signing Day Goes Virtual
Josie Fieldman, Staff Reporter
November 12, 2020

Many students at HHS look forward to packing the bleachers of the gym and cheering on their fellow classmates as they celebrate one of the highlights...

Are Social Media Accounts an Effective Form of Activism?
Are Social Media Accounts an Effective Form of Activism?
Sophia DeSanto and Jackson Swartz
October 12, 2020
After George Floyd’s death in May, protests sparked all across the world. Along with protests, social media posts regarding police violence and advocacy for black lives spread all over Instagram.
McDonalds Introduces Plant Based Option to Menus for 2021
Jackson Destiche, Variety Editor
November 23, 2020

The year 2020 has been exciting for McDonald’s customers, as they introduced Spicy McNuggets, a Chips Ahoy McFlurry and the popular, limited-time...

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