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The student news site of Hopkins High School

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The Royal Page

Student Profile: Jack Therier

Sam Levitt, Staff Reporter

Jack Therier might be the most successful HHS student ever. He is a music producer who has been producing music since he was in 7th grade where he first started to make his beats and develop his skills. It...

Paige Bueckers, alumni, walks up the court in the 2019 state championship game.

With National Recognition, Two Hopkins Stars Look to Foster Change for Women’s Basketball

Josie Fieldman, Sports Editor

Hopkins has been home to some major names in the sports world in recent years.  Possibly the most noteworthy, Paige Bueckers, alumni, is arguably the best female basketball player in the country.  HHS...

Student Profile: Marley Comito

Alexis Horowitz, Editor in-Chief

For Marley Comito, senior, journalism runs through the bloodlines. Her mother, Jordana Green, is a WCCO radio host and has her own show, The Paul & Jordana Show. With a large interest in the entertainment...

Student Profile: Maya Bozicevich

Tess Brimmer, Staff Reporter

Although being the youngest sibling in the family comes with a whole set of privileges, the struggle and unspoken pressure experienced by many often goes unnoticed.  It is common for younger siblings...

Feature Friday: Sam Werner

Riley Jouppi, Feature Editor
“I liked being onstage but was interested more in what happened behind the scenes,” said Sam Werner. “I pay more attention to how they did something, than when they actually do something.”
Student Profile: Adam Rothman

Student Profile: Adam Rothman

Jackson Swartz, Staff Reporter
Adam Rothman, sophomore, is leaving his mark on Hopkins High School.

Student Spotlight: Brynn Hirsch wins MLK writing contest

Riley Jouppi, Staff Reporter
Brynn Hirsch, sophomore, has been writing for years but she finally got recognized for it. “I then submitted it and I didn’t really care if I won or not, but I was honestly not expecting to win,” Hirsch said.

Student profile: Linda Nyakundi taking first steps towards becoming an astronaut

Amelia Carrizales, Staff Reporter
Linda Nyakundi, sophomore, has already taken off in her passion for being an astronaut. Nyakundi has the dream of becoming an astronaut ever since she was a child.

Nolan Lee, the banana man

Ali Winter, Feature Editor
Many would say the man has gone bananas, but if you ask him, he says he is living his best life.
Royal Spotlight: Ari Segal

Royal Spotlight: Ari Segal

Lauren Schaffler, Staff Reporter
Ari Segal, junior, already has a hold of his future. Taking just two classes inside HHS, Segal attends the college campus of Concordia University through Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO).

Student Profile: Isaac Gotlieb

Mia Sparrow, Staff Reporter
Too often, passions are deserted amidst a busy life. For Isaac Gotlieb, senior, his passion is not only practiced in his freetime, but incorporated into his school days.
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