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Student Profile: Maya Bozicevich

Feb 24, 2021

Although being the youngest sibling in the family comes with a whole set of privileges, the struggle and unspoken pressure experienced by many often goes unnoticed. 

It is common for younger siblings to deal with standards set by older siblings which is an obstacle Maya Bozicevich, sophomore, is actively navigating in her life. 

Bozicevich’s two older sisters have instituted a self-proclaimed “legacy” that has set a high standard for her to look up to. 

Having excelled in AP classes in high school, participated in numerous extracurricular activities, played varsity girls basketball, and are now attending Carleton College, these overachievers established a level of excellence that would set a tough bar for any younger sibling.

“My parents have never been the ones to pressure me into following the exact same path as my sisters. They have always given me space to explore my interests and passions. I often find that the pressure comes from people outside of my close-knit group who somehow find a way to rope basketball, AP classes, or college into any conversation,” Bozicevich said.

With the help of the pandemic, Bozicevich has rediscovered her interests and realized she didn’t have a desire to continue basketball in her high school career. 

“The pandemic opened my eyes and pushed me to realize I was holding back from pursuing my true passions simply because I feared straying away from the path and future that seemed so evidently set out for me,” Bozicevich said.

Now putting her efforts into running HHS for choice, a club that advocates for reproductive rights and comprehensive sex education, she is able to do what she loves and establish her own legacy.

“I’m creating my own legacy by breaking the stereotype that younger siblings must follow in the footsteps of the older and I hope to inspire other younger siblings to do the same,” Bozicevich said.

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