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The Royal Page is the official news source for Hopkins High School students and staff. We seek to both inform our readers and be an outlet for readers with stories to be told. Above all, we will uphold the First Amendment to secure the freedom of speech for our staff and the people we interview. Our staff will respect the appointed Editor in Chief(s) and Editorial Board’s decisions and will respect Mr. Kocur’s authority as the adviser of the Royal Page. We will uphold our writers to the utmost of standards, requiring each story to be factual, unbiased, and journalistic. We will not exploit or sensationalize any event that we cover. We are responsible to have an extensive outreach to accommodate the diverse stories in our community. The Royal Page is the vehicle of journalism for Hopkins High School, and it is vital to have integrity in our writing and reporting. The current Editors-in-Chief are Tess Brimmer and Ayse Ozturk.

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