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Student Profile: Jack Therier

Dec 9, 2021

Jack Therier might be the most successful HHS student ever. He is a music producer who has been producing music since he was in 7th grade where he first started to make his beats and develop his skills.

It all started out on soundcloud where he would produce beats for local soundcloud rappers in the area, and slowly made his way out of the mud and started producing for bigger artists.

Over the first COVID lockdown is when he really started to get serious with his beats and to really start honing his skills and getting locked in.

“During COVID I really just isolated myself and started to just grind out making my beats,” Therier said.

This sacrifice really paid off in the long run for Therier as he has started producing music for bigger artists. He was in the studio with Polo G in California, and he produced a song Polo that was very sadly never released to the public.

He has still been a part of many large projects. One of them being a song called “Young Snipe” that was produced by Therier made an appearance in season 2 episode 6 of the popular Hulu show “Dave” with Lil Dicky.

But that is not all that Therier has accomplished. He has also produced with artists such as Babyosama who has accumulated a large following on Instagram of 965k. Therier even broke the Billboard Top 100 when he produced a song with Hotboi called “Double O Baby,” where his song spent 1 week on the Billboard.

He plans to keep expanding his empire and keep on making more connections to keep moving up in the music industry, although he does have some slight delays in pursuing his passion with school being back in person this year.

Throughout all of his success, he has stayed very humble in this process, never bragging about all that he has accomplished and stayed to himself. “My next goal now is to be signed by a record deal then I will know I have made it and finally reached my dream,” Therier said.

This past week he made a trip down to Atlanta to finish up a song with Quando Rondo, another artist who is on the rise just like Therier who will get that record deal and make it big one day.

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