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Royal Spotlight: Ari Segal

Nov 19, 2018

Ari Segal, junior, already has a hold of his future. Taking just two classes inside HHS, Segal attends the college campus of Concordia University through Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO).

Segal was able to get into PSEO as a junior, in hopes to graduate early. He takes both a psychology and a writing course at Concordia.

Segal works an average of three to five hours a week on top of having to attend two schools for his daily classes. Segal is one of the known entrepreneurs within the HHS walls. Working for Outsource Consultants, Segal logs hours by talking to customers over the phone and redirecting them to a line appropriate for their needs.

“Some days it’s hard to talk to adults over the phone because they want what they are asking for right away,” Segal said. “I enjoy my job though, because it’s adjusting me to think and act like an adult and it also teaches me the skills necessary for a professional job.”

Although being and acting professional occupies Segal’s emotions throughout the day, over the weekend and after his school and work hours, Segal enjoys spending time with friends and family.

“I love being with my family. With my brother being away at college, my sister and I really try to keep the family all together for dinners and family days,” Segal said.  “My dad has helped me get to where I am in the business industry which for sure brought us closer together.”

Being active and fit is also very important in Segal’s weekly routine. Making varsity tennis as an eighth grader, Segal works out daily at Lifetime Fitness in St. Louis Park to maintain his physique during the off season.  

“Staying in routine during the week makes my days a lot easier, by getting schoolwork done prior to going to work, and relieving any type of stress during my workouts, I live a very happy life,” Segal said.

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