45 students and staff donate blood

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  • Lilah Merie, sophomore, donates blood for the Memorial Blood drive. She was one of 45 doners

  • Instead of holding the blood drive in the old gym, donors gave blood in the Bloodmobile.

  • Inside the Bloodmobile nurses collect blood from donors. Around 48 pints were donated.

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Josh Freeman, Staff Reporter

On Feb. 10, students and staff participated in a blood drive through the Memorial Blood Center.

In the past, blood drives have been held in the old gym. Due to a scheduling conflict, Memorial Blood Center opted to use their Bloodmobile.

The van was located in the east parking lot. Even in the small space, the nurses were able to collect around 48 pints of blood from about 45 donors. Each pint has the ability to save up to three lives.

Throughout the day, students left class for their scheduled appointments. After the blood is taken, the students were given snacks and drinks to replenish their energy.

The blood collected was sent to a blood lab, where hematologists will test the blood to see if it’s able to be used. If not, it’s sent to colleges and other labs to be used for research.

In the last drive, HHS donated about 77 units. However, multiple donors fainted. This time only two donors fainted, and there was not a single visit to the nurse.

In the past, HHS has held four blood drives a year, two in the fall and two in the spring. This year, the school decided to only hold three. The third and final blood drive of the year will be on April 15 in the old gym.