Studco works towards student involvement

Sam Martin, News Editor

The first student council meeting open to the public happened on October 4th, which was also  the first for the 11 new members. Studco welcomed two new seniors, two new juniors and seven new sophomores. Studco plans on having an open meeting for their first meeting of every month.

Members discussed the upcoming fall events, saying that it is now the busiest time of the year. The homecoming dance, pepfest, and senior lock-in are some of the events that were discussed for the fall rush of events.

Students want their voices to be heard for planning, and Studco is making sure that the students’ votes are being taken into consideration for events.

Oscar Wolfe, senior, is president of Studco and made his main goals of the year well known. 

“I want us to be transparent to the students this year, which is why we’ve had them vote for spirit and dance ideas,” Wolfe said. “We also want to keep enforcing that idea of bringing back people engaging in spirit at HHS.”

The idea of open meetings makes it easier for Studco to listen about issues directly from students. Last year, there were no open meetings, and they weren’t as transparent to the student body.

Despite the first open meeting taking place at the beginning of October, no students showed up to give input on the school. Studco made an announcement about the open meeting the day before, which could contribute to the lack of attendance due to the late notice.

For the next open meetings, Studco hopes to make sure that students know when and where it is so they can receive suggestions.

Bruce Lowmanstone, sophomore, attended his first meeting as a representative, and felt very included from the beginning. 

“I liked getting to know new people and what everyone had to bring,” Lowmanstone said. “It’s a very inclusive group and there are a lot more things to do than I was expecting.”

All seven sophomores immediately wanted to immerse themselves into Studco’s plans and wanted to help out as much as possible for the many school festivities to come.