HHS seniors aim to fight for off-campus lunch freedoms

Charlie Shaw, Staff Reporter

HHS has always been a closed campus for students. Last year, staff were more lenient regarding students entering and exiting the building. After the students experienced what it’d look like if HHS were an open campus, most students wanted it to stay permanent.

So far this year, the staff has been cracking down more heavily on student attendance. The blue velvet rope and the sign-out sheet at the front doors are just a few ways they’re trying to keep kids in school. 

A group of students at HHS have been meeting with the admin regarding having an open campus for lunch. They have been discussing a plan to allow seniors to safely leave the school for lunch. 

Charlie Fieldman, senior, has been one of the students that has been pushing for the open campus. “The overall goal of the meeting was to allow seniors to be able to leave for lunch,”Fieldman said. “They were surprisingly very open to the idea of it, it just needed to be worked out in a reasonable manner.”

Students will need to get parents’ permission to leave the school to avoid liability issues with the school. Additionally, a Google Form will also be required to leave the school. 

With the implementation of off campus lunch, safety is the number one priority. There will be a suggested list of local restaurants with their wait times included ensuring that kids can get back to school safely and on time. 

Seniors from around the school are looking forward to the opportunity of having autonomy and the freedom to eat wherever they want.

Marly Jenson, senior, says that she’d go to Crisp and Green during lunch. “I’m excited that we’re going to have the ability to leave for lunch,” said Jenson. “I’m looking forward to getting more of a nutritious meal.”

Students with different nutritional needs will be able to benefit from this as well. The limited gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options have not given students enough choices for their meals. If students are able to leave school, they can get food that fits their diet.

Anna Enzler, senior, looks out for all students and their nutritional needs. “The cafeteria doesn’t give us enough options,” said Enzler. “It’s going to allow vegetarian and gluten-free students to get a more diverse meal.”

Last year, HHS had an incident with a nearby Holiday Gas Station on the corner of Hopkins Crossroads and Cedar Lake Rd. Students were stealing items from the gas station, which led to them banning minors from entering the store during all school hours.

William Acosta, senior, mentioned that he thinks that the seniors will use this privilege responsibly. “I think the seniors will understand that open campus is a privilege and therefore will respect the rules,”said Acosta. 

The administration needs to see that seniors will use this privilege responsibly for them to have an open campus.