Heimlich rows to the Head of the Charles


Lola Heimlich, junior will be competing in the world’s largest rowing regatta in Boston, Mass. Over ten thousand men and women from around the world will compete as representatives for their clubs and schools.

On Oct. 18, Heimlich will be participating in the race with eight other hand picked girls from Twins Cities Youth Rowing to race against Women’s Varsity teams from around the world.

“I’m still shocked,” Heimlich said. “It’s such an honor that they chose me to participate in the race.”

The road to success has included enduring countless mile-long runs, weeks of conditioning and a strict diet, to prepare Heimlich for the Charles.

“[All of TCYR] went through the same intense process, but it’s only the eight of us girls that get to go,” Heimlich said. “It was hard to push myself unlike ever before, but it wasn’t hard to find motivation. This is something I’ve really wanted to do.”

Varsity coach Rebecca Newman notes hard work and determination as two of Heimlich’s strengths, but she has proved herself in all facets of the sport.

“She earned it,” Newman said. “Based on her races and stats, attendance, work ethic, and other qualities, I knew she’d be a good member of the team. She’s engaged one hundred percent, both on and off the water. She puts in all her effort and knows the commitment and the responsibilities of rowing.”

Rowing isn’t the only responsibility Heimlich is driven towards. She is also a dedicated student and hopes that rowing will help find scholarships for college.

“I hope this puts me through college, honestly. I’m not sure where I want to go, but I know I want to go somewhere with a successful rowing team.” Heimlich said. “It isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s one of the more important wants on my college list.”

Some of the top schools in the nation offer the highest ranked rowing teams. According to recent statistics from the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Ohio State University is listed as number one for rowing in the nation, Stanford University is listed as number two, and Brown University as number three.

Heimlich manages the responsibilities of school, her future, rowing, and much more, as witnessed by her mother, Ms. Jennifer Heimlich, Social Studies.

“She works one hundred percent all the time with school, with rowing. She’s an all or nothing girl,” Ms. Heimlich said.

Ms. Heimlich says she’s seen rowing improve Lola’s everyday skills. What Lola learns on the water is helping her with friendships and being comfortable with depending on others.

“Other than her physical strength, she has gained a real strength of determination and perseverance.” Ms. Heimlich said. “She’s learned a lot of team building skills learning to help others and allow others to help her.”

Despite having a guaranteed spot in the Head of the Charles, Heimlich says she isn’t allowing herself to relax. In fact, she believes she needs to work even harder if she wants to win.