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HHS track athletes conduct at home workouts

Apr 28, 2020

For HHS athletes, it is very important during quarantine to stay active. Grateful for nice weather and the gates opened to the HHS track field, track athletes have been taking advantage of it. 

“Just about everyday I usually wake up and text someone to go workout with me, go up to the track at the high school and run or throw the football around,” said Jonathan Zell, junior.

With their coaches putting out 5 workouts a week online, a typical week would consist of hard days and easy days. 

“Our coaches have done a really great job of making workouts that can be set up at home or on a track. A typical week would consist of a speed day (light), endurance day (hard), rest day & occasional time trials here and there,” said Mozi Punni, senior.

With the track season being cancelled, along with all the other spring sports, track athletes are still setting goals for themselves during quarantine. 

“My number one goal is to just stay positive throughout this entire situation, which is pretty hard since it’s my senior year and this season was my only chance to see my name on the record board,” Punni said.  “Also, this was my last season running with my little ones & putting on the Hopkins jersey. Even though I probably won’t have the opportunity to accomplish these things, I have to be thankful for the lifelong relationships I’ve built overtime & what TrackTownMN has taught me.”

Senior track athletes, now reflecting on what HHS track means to them and how it has impacted their lives.  

“Track at Hopkins means a lot to me. It was like another family. All the coaches and athletes cared about the sport and each other so much and it helped me learn skills I will use throughout my whole life.” said Una O’meara, senior.

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