AP lit travels to Guthrie theater

Eve Clarkson, News Editor

Tomorrow, the AP Literature and Composition classes at HHS are going on a field trip to see the classic “A Christmas Carol” at the historic Guthrie Theater. 

The Guthrie Theater, located in an upscale area of downtown Minneapolis, is just one example of the state’s thriving theater presence.

Founded in 1963, the Guthrie has been a pivotal part of Twin Cities culture for over 50 years. According to their website, prospective cities when the theater was first starting out included major metro areas like Chicago and San Francisco, but ultimately Minneapolis emerged victorious.

Continuing on a tradition, the Guthrie will be showcasing “A Christmas Carol” throughout the month of Dec., uniting generations and the community. This is an annual tradition for some families.

Whether or not they are familiar with the premise of “A Christmas Carol,” the ability to partake in a Twin Cities tradition with their classmates is a unique opportunity for AP Lit students.