Lorde parody embraces high school

Many teenagers complain about how stressful their lives are, and, honestly, I can’t blame them most of the time. There are many things that give teenagers stress: pressure of getting good grades, achieving a good ACT score, making money with a job, and balancing a social life. High School should be the best time of our lives and many teenagers don’t acknowledge this.

Recently, HHS graduates from the class of 2004 made a parody to the song “Royals” by Lorde. Molly Dworsky, HHS graduate, came up with the idea for the song. She is currently in Los Angeles trying to become a comedian. The song speaks about the disappointment of being an adult and missing high school.

The song was put on Youtube.com on Jan. 7, 2014, and already has over half a million views, over six thousand likes, and over one hundred comments.

The chorus’s lyrics are, “And we used to be Royals

How was that ten years ago?

Seems like yesterday, 2004

I wish I had another go

If I could be a high-schooler, I could be the prom queen

And baby I’d rule high school

Let me live that fantasy”


High school may in fact be a fantasy. We see our friends everyday at school. We have summer break. Our school days end before 3:00. We have the choice of what career we want to pursue. The world is our oyster.


Just as the parody’s lyrics go,

“And everybody’s got kids, a mortgage, real responsibilities

Neck pains, diets, hot chicks were born after me

So unfair, I have to pay for my own health care”

Most high schoolers don’t have to pay the bills, work 40 hour weeks, keep a family afloat, and juggle other countless responsibilities that will soon be ours.

Molly and the rest of the class of 2004 entered the workforce during a very difficult time to find job in the United States, The Great Recession. According to stateofworkingmerica.org, in 2008 and 2009, the United States labor market lost 8.4 million jobs or 6.1% of all payroll employment. The Great Recession was the biggest economic plunge since The Great Depression.

The point I’m trying to get across is that high schoolers are living the good life. We teenagers  should take a more positive look on our lives right now. At the end of the day we have so many opportunities and so many things to be happy about in our lives.

Us high schoolers need to make the most out of our lives right now and live that fantasy that is high school.