Vikings take down the Packers in US Bank Staduim opener

Jake Lehman, Staff Reporter

This past Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings played their first regular season game at the estimated $1.1 billion US Bank Stadium against the Green Bay Packers.

There are multiple paintings and pictures on the walls. The experience in the stadium was amazing. There was always something fun to do or something good to eat.  

The Vikings came into the game as underdogs due to star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater’s knee injury, which could keep him from playing for at least the rest of this season.

In the first quarter, the Vikings and Packers were neck and neck when Adrian Peterson, star running back, went down with a knee injury.

At halftime, Minnesota paid a tribute to Prince by playing the song Purple Rain and Minnesota responded with a roar.

Going into halftime it was a tie ballgame. The whole game changed when Stefon Diggs, receiver, hauled in a 25 yard pass for six. This added to his huge night as he racked up 182 receiving yards plus the TD.

As the game clock hit zero, the Vikings were on top 17-14, marking their first win in US Bank Stadium, and marking their ground as the lone top rank of the NFC North.

The whole night was an experience for the state of Minnesota, and a night that will never be forgotten.