Aidan Swartz, Staff Reporter

We all know Kanye West as one of, if not the greatest, artists of our generation. West can be a little off the rails sometimes, but he has become a whole different beast ever since he became Ye.

 It all seemed to start over North West (him and Kim Kardashian’s daughter) being on Tiktok without his permission. This caused him to rant on his Instagram in all caps. Kim then said that it was her decision what their daughter did as she is the main provider to the family.

Ye was not happy about this and decided to show on Instagram how he was the main provider to the family.

Many thought it was wrong to handle this over social media and not in private like adults, but that didn’t stop him.

Ye continued to attack Kardashian for not just her parenting choices but also her relationship choices. 

Ye went after comedian Pete Davidson, Kardashian’s boyfriend. He mocked his appearance, comedy, and even made a meme with his face on the Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War.” He portrayed himself and his friends as Captain America’s side and Davidson, Kardashian, and their friends as Iron Man’s side.

He acknowledged his wrongs and said he would correct them but continued to revert to the same acts of aggression on social media. 

Feuds began to develop outside of his family situation and onto celebrities once his friends, like Kid Cudi. He used memes, screenshots of conversations, and photos to antagonize the people he once loved.

The situation with Pete Davison, or “Skete,” as Ye likes to call him, escalated when he found the sketch on SNL in which Pete tells Ye he should take his meds again. He proceeded to put on a “Make Kanye 2006 Again” hat in the style of a Trump MAGA hat (someone Ye supported heavily through his campaign and presidency). After that, Ye started to make serious death threats towards Lorne Micheals, creator and executive producer of SNL.

Since then, Ye has moved on from the memes and hosted his “Donda 2” listening party. However, he has only posted his upcoming Yeezy clothing drop.

Many people believe that this was a marketing scam, as he has done many times before dropping an album. However, many people think this was just a ploy with the upcoming release of “Donda 2” and his Netflix documentary.