Why Love Island UK Is superior to all other spin-offs

Ally Butz, Staff Reporter

Love Island is a British dating show that started in 2015. They choose several “Sexy Singles” to come on the show and compete for a cash prize. The strongest couple is chosen at the end, and gets to split the money.

Over the years, 18 spin-offs from other countries have been created, such as the US, Australia, and Spain. However, none of these compare to the original magic of Love Island UK. 

British people are so fascinating, and watching Love Island UK feels like a trip to the zoo. Observing the behaviors of these British contestants is thought provoking and inspires critical thinking. 

When British people speak, it does not sound like real English. It feels like a fantasy language that only they can truly understand. Listening to the American version of Love Island takes away the enchantment of the show because what they are saying can actually be understood. Brits speak in mysteries that must be decoded.

British people also look like aliens compared to the average human being. The women have orange tans, paired with makeup that creates a cute prehistoric look. While the men have veneers that shine so bright they can be seen from miles away. These peculiar looks keep the viewer interested.

Although the concepts for the Love Island spin offs are the same, they are far worse than the original British show. The behaviors of Americans are far less peculiar than those of the British. American tongue is easy to comprehend, so the experience of watching Love Island USA does not challenge the mind the way it should.

Love Island Australia is the best spin off. Australia is rustic Britain. The people act as if an American lived in Manchester for 3 years, which makes it far more interesting. For this reason, Love Island Australia takes 2nd Place in Love Island Rankings. 

While other countries try their hardest to achieve what Love Island UK did, they will never be on the same level.