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“CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale” Review

Apr 23, 2023


“CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” was released by Tyler, the Creator on June 25, 2021. This Grammy winning album was perfect for the summer; lush with imagery of adventures through  Europe. Features from NBA YoungBoy, Lil Uzi Vert, Pharell Williams, Lil Wayne, and many more made the album an instant fan favorite. 

“CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale,” a continuation of its 2021 predecessor, contains seven previously unreleased tracks. 


“The Estate Sale” debuted at a number three spot on the Billboard Top 200 list and eventually rose in the charts to number one. The album also reached number one on the Top R&B / Hip-Hop Albums chart three years in a row, a feat that had never been achieved before. 

Three songs contain exciting features; “STUNTMAN” with Vince Staples (who opened for Tyler in his “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” tour) “BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND (2020 Demo)” with YG, and “WHARF TALK” with Tyler’s long friend A$AP Rocky. 


“STUNTMAN” (feat. Vince Staples)

I like the back and forth between Vince Staples’ higher voice and Tyler’s deeper in the first verse. 

The synths on this song are so epic and I wish there was more. 

The chorus on this song is very catchy, a theme from the entire drop. 

There’s some very cool syncopation in the verses that compliment Tyler’s vocals well. 

Tyler is known for his bridges, and this is a great example. He strips away the drums so it’s just  synth and vocals. My only wish is that he built off that cool moment into something bigger than another verse. 




I really love the sample on this song, it gives a very dreamy vibe off the bat. I wish the beat would drop, but it’s obvious Tyler intended this song to be chill and lyric focussed. Still, I prefer something with more rhythm. 



“WHARF TALK (feat. A$AP Rocky)”

The chorus on “WHARF TALK” is so good, I wish it happened more than twice.

Something about the melody when he sings, “I got a new boat, you should come with, I got a section for your luggage,” is so satisfying. 

I love it when Tyler sings. His gravelly voice mixed with autotune creates a very satisfying sound. The vocals on “WHARF TALK” are reminiscent of Stevie Wonder, slightly nasally (in a good way).

Again the synths are great here. I also really like the Steve-Lacy-esque jangly guitar sound heard at the end of each chorus. 

A$AP’s verse is so good and way too short. Still, it’s good to hear the pair back together. 




I really like the chorus on this song, even more so than “WHARF TALK”. 

The minor chords are very reminiscent of old Tyler, immediately the song “She” comes to mind. 

“DOGTOOTH” is definitely a standout track on this release. 

I love the little body positivity line, “***** telling women how their bodies supposed to be, but, never take advice from any ***** wth a lean gut.”

This man loves dreamy piano chords, which he begins and ends the song with. 




“HEAVEN TO ME” has another really cool sample. 

The concept of “HEAVEN TO ME” is really fun. In the first verse, Tyler talks about all the blessings he has due to his successful career. In the second, he details what an ideal life would be to him in his forties. Finally, Tyler talks about what heaven was to him growing up. 

All this makes “HEAVEN TO ME” have my favorite lyricism so far, simply due to all the amazing imagery. 

“The lake water gettin’ warmer from the radiant sun, my baby mama and my daughter getting chased by my son.”

“Kick-push down the block, cuttin’ Dickies into shorts when it’s hot.”

This is a very windows-down-at-sunset type of song. There’s also another cool beachy guitar sound. 



“BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND (2020 Demo) [feat. YG]”

I absolutely adore the sick Wham! type 80s synth in the beginning, which immediately gives way to a funky Anderson .Paak beat.

YG’s verse is really strong and one of my favorite features on the whole release. 

I would say this has the weakest chorus so far. I find it a bit repetitive and corny. Still, it’s a very fun time. 

Tyler is singing again, so I’m happy! I also always am a fan of the key change. 




I love the 3/4 time signature, it’s a nice switch from the rest of the album. 

I would say this is my least favorite song. It just gets a bit repetitive. 

The crescendo at the end made me a bit anxious. This is still a cool concept from a songwriting perspective. 


I think this continuation of “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” was really good. I’m glad these songs got to see the light of day. As Tyler drops every other year, and his last full LP was released in 2021, I really hope this isn’t the only music we get from the artist this year.

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