Chain restaurants see rise in fast food feuds

Aidan Swartz, Staff Reporter

Wendy’s fast food breakfast launched on March 2, and runs from 6:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.

If you were one of the first in line at Wendy’s on March 2 at 6:30, you would have been given a book full of coupons for Wendy’s breakfast. A free Breakfast ‘Baconator’ each week for a year to be exact.

On March 2, to combat the launch of Wendy’s breakfast, it became national McMuffin day. McDonald’s tweeted out that it was a national holiday and everyone could get a free McMuffin. There was however a catch. To get a free McMuffin the McDonald’s app needed to be downloaded. 

One of Wendy’s most famous slogans is “fresh, never frozen” but Wendy’s is getting a lot of backlash on twitter for serving frozen breakfast burritos.

“Just saying your breakfast is top tier” said @TB_LoganY replying to Wendy’s on twitter

Wendy’s responded to Logan with  multiple blushing face emojis. Logan’s tweet picked up five likes on Wendy’s twitter page.

Chick-Fil-A, on March 2, sent out an email giving away a free chicken in a biscuit to combat the release of Wendy’s breakfast and McDonalds free McMuffin.

If that weren’t enough, as of March 2,  Burger King announced the deal on the croissan’wich where you can get a two for four dollars sandwich. To also go along with every single fast food breakfast announcing some sort of deal on the same date.

On March 1, the day before the release, Wendy’s sent out a Tweet in anticipation of the release of the breakfast drop, asking anyone if they had plans for breakfast tomorrow. 

In response to Wendy’s tweet picking up over 1,000 likes from the fans of the McMuffin.

“What a perfect way to ruin your day,” said Wendy’s in response

That tweet by Wendy’s picked up over 7,000 likes with people agreeing with Wendy’s.

There are so many responses to that original tweet asking if the people had breakfast plans tomorrow. Everytime someone would respond to that tweet Wendy’s would hit them with a ruthless clapback, always gaining more likes than the original.

In order to expand and grow this brand of breakfast, Wendy’s made a one time 20 million dollar investment and hired over 20,000 new employees. This created so many new opportunities for the homeless or for people in poverty all over the nation.

Wendy’s has already started calling themselves America’s favorite breakfast. They have been posting America’s favorite breakfast on their twitter and have put the slogan on all bags that breakfast food comes in.

With the launch of Wendy’s breakfast a lot happened. The main fast food restaurants like Burger King, McDonald’s, and Chick-fil-A all launched deals and promos. Wendy’s made job opportunities for over 20 thousand people, while dishing out some classic clapbacks.