Count your banners


Go to the Star Tribune’s, and look at any story involving the HHS boys basketball team.

Now look down at the comments, and you will see the pure venom that is spit at our players, coaches, fans, and school in general.

Commenters say that our head coach Ken Novak is an arrogant jerk, we cheat, we have no class, we’re poor sports, et cetera. The hate floweth.

Any move we make as a team is scrutinized. Whether it be our strategy at the end of the Shakopee game, or how our players handled the upset in Saturday’s championship game.

Every team that wins like we do, will have their haters and opponents. We will always be the bad guys no matter what.

That’s the result if you’ve won six state championships since the turn of the millennium, and turned out D1 player after D1 player, and two NBA players.

Your program will attract good players when you have a coach with over 700 wins and less than 100 losses. Our team has won off homegrown talent and players who have transferred.

We win no matter the circumstances, and will continue to be Minnesota’s basketball powerhouse.

So continue your hate, I’ll just continue to count our banners.