TV Review: Riverdale

Ali Winter, Staff Reporter

The teen mystery drama “Riverdale” aired on The CW network in Jan. 2017, and is also available on Netflix.

Since then, “Riverdale” has become a favorite amongst teens all over with a cult- like following. The series originally generated hype as it is based off of the old “Archie Comics”, which gained massive popularity in the 1940s and easily became an American classic. One noteworthy difference between the two is that the television show version includes mysterious twists that keep the audience on the edge of their seats after each episode.

Set in the small town of Riverdale, it seems as if nothing bad could happen there. This notion is quickly debunked as within minutes of the first episode, it is clear to see that this town is anything but ordinary. One of the Blossom twins, Jason, is found to be missing and is believed by many to be dead, although his sister, Cheryl, is determined to remain optimistic about the situation.

It’s not just the fans who love it either; reviews have been extremely positive and news outlets have been eating it up.

“With a darker, more glamorous take, the show has been able to bring an entirely new audience to the traditionally wholesome high school adventures of Archie and his friends Betty, Veronica, and Jughead,” according to The Verge.

I think that the show is an incredibly entertaining, as well as nerve wracking show. It includes everything that one could want from a television series: drama, mystery, love, and even murder. With season two having just aired last week, it has again become a widely talked about series and continues to intrigue viewers.

“Riverdale” airs every Wed. at 8 p.m. until 9 p.m. on The CW, so if you are in dire need of a classic drama with a twist, I would highly recommend giving this series a watch.