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‘Winter blues’ season in full swing amidst finals week

Lexie Stoesz, Staff Reporter

January 16, 2019

With the added pressure of finals, students at HHS are especially susceptible to the infamous ‘winter blues’.

The length of winter break at HHS

Bennie Goldfarb, Staff Reporter

December 21, 2018

One of the most anticipated times of the school year is finally upon us, winter break.

When is it safe to get on the ice?

Aric Anderson, Staff Reporter

December 14, 2018

The start of the winter marks the start of an activity, unique mainly to Minnesota. Ice fishing is a popular pastime in the state with 10,000 lake. But every year there is debate on when to start ice fishing and whether or not it’s safe.

Retired HHS teacher awarded by former President George H.W. Bush

Retired HHS teacher awarded by former President George H.W. Bush

Mia Sparrow, Infographic Editor

December 10, 2018

The death of a President is news not heard with political bias. It is news that calls every citizen to reflect on a man who devoted his time to the country, identifying the ways in which he used his power for greatness. On November 30, President H.W. Bush died in his Houston, Texas home at the age of 94.

Conference change at HHS

Alexis Horowitz, Staff Reporter

December 6, 2018

With second term conferences coming up, HHS will be changing the way conferences are run.

Student volunteering work pays off in midterm election

Bennie Goldfarb, Staff Reporter

November 15, 2018

After joining the Phillips campaign in December of last year, Elliot Berman, sophomore, was finally able to see his hard work pay off.

Election judge aftermath

Election judge aftermath

Cale Sparrow, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2018

From the countless political ads to the chaotic voting atmosphere, a silver lining in all this election madness would be how students at HHS got involved in the voting process.

New “Screen Time” feature on IOS 12 helping HHS students stay focused

Max Lacey, Staff Reporter

November 13, 2018

When iOS 12 was announced this past Sept., a variety of new features came with it. One of the newer additions has the ability to monitor and limit the use of certain apps. The new feature can be found on iPhones running iOS 12 in the “settings,” right under “Do Not Disturb” folder.

Apple holds conference on new and improved products

Max Lacey, Staff Reporter

November 9, 2018

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, Apple held their second fall event, where new features and tech was announced for their newer technology models. Among the things that were released on Oct. 31, it includes iOS 12.1, a new update that brings an interactive group chat feature to FaceTime calls, allowing users to call up to 32 people at once.

ProPEL fundraiser

Sam Leervig, Staff Reporter

November 8, 2018

This week, two fundraisers held at the popular restaurants of Blaze Pizza and Chipotle were organized by students involved in the ProPEL class.

Musicians use their voices for more than just music

Mason Arneson, Variety Editor

November 7, 2018

In case you didn’t know, Election Day was yesterday. Well, you probably all knew due to the nonstop attack ads interrupting your joyful sessions of watching whatever television program your heart desires.

Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh shakes HHS students

Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh shakes HHS students

Nafi Soumare, Staff Reporter

November 6, 2018

The morning of Oct. 27, 2018, the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA, was the victim of a brutal shooting. After 11 attendees of the synagogue were killed, the occurrence was deemed an anti-semitic hate crime. “My family has friends in Pittsburgh, one of which probably came five minutes fro...

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