Teachers Begin Vaccination Process as HHS Capacity Increases

March 22, 2021

Across the U.S., one-fifth of teachers have already received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, while an additional 18 percent of teachers have scheduled their first appointment. 

At HHS, many teachers plan to get vaccinated, or already have been. 

“About 60 percent of Hopkins teachers have begun the vaccination process, and 30 percent of those teachers have already completed the process,” said Jeff Goldy, health coordinator. “I think we’re making very good progress.”

The vaccine can benefit teachers greatly. There are plenty of motives and reasons for teachers to want to take the Covid vaccine, especially at HHS.

I chose to get vaccinated because I want to protect myself as well as my family and all those people around me from Covid-19. Even after the first dose, I have felt less nervous about being in school and in stores. It gave me a real sense of hope,” said Ms. Amy Miller, french.

Not only was COVID worrying people about spending time around their family and friends, but it also created a lot of anxiety and stress that could be reduced by getting vaccinated. 

“I’ve been stressed for a year about contracting COVID or giving it to a family member. I don’t think it would kill me, but the long-term effects some people suffer from the disease are terrifying,” said Mr. Douglas Dart, english. “Just getting my first shot greatly reduced my anxiety level, and I imagine getting my second will do the same.” 

Although the vaccine has many benefits, getting vaccinated can also cause Covid symptoms for some people throughout the process. Teachers and students may become hesitant to take the vaccine if they are worried about possible fever, chills, fatigue, and headache.

“I received the first shot three weeks ago and it wiped me out for a few days, but that was reassuring that my body was doing the work of building up my immunity to the disease. It was a small price to pay for the protection from a virus that could severely damage my health,” said Dart. 

As the vaccine is being distributed and becoming easier for everyone to access, schools and public places will start to slowly open up and allow for students and teachers to come back full time. 

“All that can be vaccinated, should be vaccinated in order to protect our most vulnerable people. This is not just about personal health, but caring for others in our community. It feels like we’re moving forward…and it’s more about the process of moving towards herd immunity rather than about my own safety,” said Mrs. Alyson Purdy, science. 

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