Bartz resigns from coaching position after 19 years


Mr. Greg Bartz, math teacher, is resigning from his swim coaching job

Andy Weisman, Staff Reporter

After 19 years of coaching swimming, Mr. Greg Bartz, math teacher, resigned from coaching the swim team. Bartz made the decision to dedicate more time on the future of his family and his job.

According to many of the swimmers, Bartz was a leader, his ability to create and communicate relationships with swimmers. As well, he actively recruited more swimmers every year. When Bartz first started coaching, he chose never to cut anyone from the swim team because he believed that everybody should come try swimming. Many of the kids that ended up joining, had never swam before.

Bartz started swimming when he was seven years old and continued to swim in high school. During college he took a couple swimming lessons for physical education credits, and he has been involved in swimming most of his life.

When he first started working at HHS, he was working with Coach Paolucci on the boys’ hockey team stats. After hockey, he was the girl’s JV Golf and the JV Boys golf coach for a time.

“I happened to have one of the swimming captains in my math class, and he asked me if I was interested in the assistant coaching job on the swim team,” Bartz said. “I asked the swim coach in the copy center one day and then long story short, I got the job.”

Bartz had continued to improve and make long lasting friendships with the swimmers on his team.

Avery Martens-Goldman, sophomore, captain of the swim team believes that Bartz always made efforts to keep swimmers engaged and continue to improve.

“He truly cared for the team and catered to the needs of anyone. Despite the large size of the team he always managed to keep things in order. Bartz always made an effort to make personal relationships with swimmers,” said Martens-Goldman.

One of Avery Martens-Goldman’s best memories with Bartz took place at sections. Goldman had won the 200 IM which he was not favored to win. After Goldman won, Bartz went crazy and started jumping up and down. Although Goldman didn’t witness it, he heard many people screaming and laughing about Bartz’s excitement.

“He came out and swam probably the best 200 IM I’ve ever seen him swim and he was seeded fifth or sixth going into the race, he wins it and swims a lifetime best breaking two minutes, swimming the second fastest time in school history, and then duplicates it and swims even faster at state,” Bartz said.  “I remember I was running down the side cheering him on at the end, just jumping and the parents are looking at me and laughing because with me being so out of shape they were saying “we’ve never seen Bartze (Bartz-eee) jump so high!”

Goldman and Graham Brimmer, sophomore, captain, respect Bartz in and out of the pool.

“One of my favorite things about Bartz was how he tried to make it to everything, he tried to come to every practice no matter what was going on in his personal life. He cares a lot about the swim team and being there everyday,” Brimmer said.

Brimmer also explained how Bartz was not just a coach, but also was a friend to every swimmer on the team.

“My favorite memory of Bartz would have to be during the last pasta party of the year when he came and just acted like a swimmer, he ate dinner with the team and played ping pong,” Brimmer said. “I think that was something cool and unique because not many other coaches would have even come to the pasta party, let alone participated in our team bonding.”

Avi Bundt, sophomore, captain, also commented on how Bartz has influenced the team and himself.

“Bartz always had a story to tell and always cared deeply about his swimmers. He had lots of energy and was able to use his energy to keep every swimmer engaged. One of the best memories I had with Bartze was this past year when we drove to the state swim meet and spent time talking and laughing together before prelims and finals,” Bundt said.

For the captains and many other swimmers on the team, it is believed that in order for the team to keep succeeding, the coach has to be willing to push them hard. The team has a lot of potential to be one of the best teams in their new section.

Bartz believes that the new coach will be able to lead this team in the right direction.

According to Bartz, the team has lots of fast young swimmers who have great potential to help the team win their section and continue on to state.

“Keep on working hard, keep doing what they’re doing, whoever the new coach is, will make sure to make positive relationships with the swimmers the best they can,” Bartz said. “I think whoever will take over will do a great job because of the young and fast potential we have, and that was one of the hardest parts to give up. This team definitely has a chance to do very, very well. If they stay on track.”