Project Focus volunteers at Feed My Starving Children


Project Focus aims to impact their community through community service. 108 boxes were packed during their time at Feed My Starving Children.

Fatima Sall, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 24, 18 members of Project Focus held their kickoff event by visiting Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization dedicated to packing and distributing food for children in third world countries.

Between Project Focus and many other volunteer groups, over 2,304 meals were packaged into 108 boxes. The boxes will be sent to Haiti and given to 64 children, who will be able to eat the food for an entire year.

Project Focus, a community service-based club, is committed to volunteering throughout the area in areas such as feeding the homeless, visiting food shelves, and even planting their own garden at HHS.

Sophie Boerboom, senior, is the one of the leaders of Project Focus with Trianna Downing, senior.

“Feed My Starving Children is a place where [students] get to come together as a club, have fun, and help people at the same time,” Boerboom said.

Project Focus plans on continuing to make an impact in their communities and beyond. Boerboom hopes to turn their small group into something larger and getting more people involved in the process of making the world a better place.

“Project Focus is important because it helps people become involved in their communities instead of just wishing they could make a difference. People are actually able to go out and change the world,” Boerboom said.