Club Overview: Earth Club

Annabel Lyons, Staff Reporter

Nearing 2022, it’s widely recognized that there are a lot of environmental issues that need to be addressed that aren’t given the attention they need. 

Earth Club Co-Presidents, Ally Butz, junior, Kenna Brandt, junior, Vice President, Cole Kehrberg, senior, are doing what they can as high school students to spread awareness and take action about these issues.

According to the Co-Presidents, there isn’t any kind of “typical” meeting of Earth Club; each meeting looks different. “One week we’re inside watching a documentary, and the next we’re out picking up trash around the campus.” Brandt said.

For a meeting this November, they’re taking the members on a single night camping trip in Frontenac. They’re planning on going on a hike, making s’mores, and doing some educating about the area in the process.

Their most anticipated event of the year is Earth Jam. Every year, Earth Club hosts an event filled with music, food, friends, and money raising. Local bands perform, including ones from HHS. The money made from the concert goes towards a number of different environmental causes.

One cause in particular is the Stop Line 3 movement, which protests the expansion of the Line 3 pipeline. This is considered a priority to the club, as it violates Indigenous rights and according to Kehrberg, this expansion would damage communities both socially and economically. 

“Building a new fossil fuel infrastructure is just about the worst thing to do for a society trying to prevent climate change.” Kehrberg said.

The three of them hope that before they graduate, they can raise awareness for the Stop Line 3 cause and inspire others at HHS to volunteer for environmental causes.