Seniors reflect on annual POPs concert

Berit Hansen, Assistant Feature Editor

This school year, the HHS band booster association put on their 49th annual POPS concert. The theme this year was Harry POPser and last year it POPS-war. 

POPs is not a regular run of the mill band concert, this concert is more aimed towards the community instead of band students performing songs for their parents. 

The concert consists of modern-day music such as jazz contributed by all bands and in between, there are skits put on between each song. The concert showcases many student-led groups and acts within the community.  

Matthew Gulstad, senior, was one of many who performed in a variety of acts including Lean Mean Performance Machine (LMPM).

 “POPS is an event that adds a spark of fun to band class,” said Gulstad. 

Gulstad is currently the lead conductor or drum major of LMPM. For him, concerts and various performances can be stressful for him to perfectly showcase the talents within HHS. The concert can be stress-inducing due to lack of time and preparation, yet that’s what the show so unique.

“It’s a process to coordinate a performance like this, given its size. But it always works out in the end,” said Gulstad. 

Although it may be stressful to perform onstage, relaxation happens behind the scenes in the cafeteria. HHS band students bring games such as monopoly or even their XBOX to fulfill their time while waiting to go on stage.

“For me, it’s very lively and fun backstage while not performing. ” said Eliza Polyak, junior. “You get to know your classmates more.”

For seniors, it was their last hoorah with the concert. For many, it was sad to see this last concert among the many “lasts.” 

“As graduation is finally on the horizon, it’s a little nostalgic to think about my band experience and how we’re approaching our final concert,” said Gulstad.