David’s picks

David Campbell, Staff Reporter

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)

The number one spot goes to the best team in football(should be obvious right?). Their ability to run has quickly changed from a weakness to a strength with Jay Ajayi as the running back.

  1.  New England Patriots(7-2)

After a dominating performance in Denver, Bill Belichick is one win away from the 3rd most of all time between coaches. Early season loss of Wide Receiver Julian Edelman is not affecting New England at all.

  1.  Minnesota Vikings(7-2)

If you have a team with two quarterbacks that can get wins, you’re doing something right. Case Keenum played three great quarters against Washington and Teddy Bridgewater is itching to get back.

  1. Los Angeles Rams(7-2)

We will find out how good the Rams and Vikings really are when they play this week. Also, how come nobody has given this Rams offensive line any credit. They’ve allowed only 13 sacks, which is fifth best in the league.

  1. New Orleans Saints(7-2)

Everybody talked about how good Quarterback Drew Brees is. Everybody forgot about the Saints running game. How about 298 rushing yards and 6 rushing touchdowns. Their offense is dangerous.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers(7-2)

Despite the close game against a bad team, the Steelers still got the win and are in prime contention to win the AFC North. Wide Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is a star in the making.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs(6-3)

If you look at the losses the Chiefs have taken, all of them are acceptable. Their offense is still talented, but it is obvious their defense is missing strong safety Eric Berry. A game against the New York Giants should help.

  1. Carolina Panthers(7-3)

This offense is really, really good. Running back Christian McCaffrey is basically unguardable,  Quarterback Cam Newton is making things happen with his feet, and Devin Funchess is an underrated Wide Receiver.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars(6-3)

I have no idea why the Jaguars passed so much against the San Diego Chargers. Quarterback Blake Bortles is not their strength. Leonard Fournette is a young, talented running back who needs to be used more.

  1. Seattle Seahawks(6-3)

Losing cornerback Richard Sherman will hurt their team, but quarterback Russell Wilson has been surprisingly great this year. Still in playoff hunt, they’re always dangerous in January.

  1. Tennessee Titans(6-3)

If you have this team figured out, let me know. After a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Titans look revitalised under a healthy quarterback, Marcus Mariota.

  1. Atlanta Falcons(5-4)

The Falcons finally looked like the NFC powerhouse we saw last year. Defensive end, Adrian Clayborn had six sacks against the Dallas Cowboys. That’s right, six.

  1. Detroit Lions(5-4)

Every single week is crazy for the Lions. They were losing to the Browns until the offense came alive and started playing like the team we all know. Wide Receiver Golden Tate is a very underrated player in the league.

  1. Dallas Cowboys(5-4)

Just because running back Ezekiel Elliott is suspended, doesn’t mean the Cowboys will lose every game. However, their offensive line collapsed against the Falcons.

  1. Buffalo Bills(5-4)

Trading defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was bigger mistake than I thought. The defense couldn’t do anything against the Saints. They’re still in playoff hunt, however.

  1. Oakland Raiders(4-5)

The Raiders have a good team, they just need to start playing like it. Quarterback Derek Carr should be fully healed and should be passing a lot more.

  1. Washington Redskins(4-5)

If you score 30 points against the daunting defense of Minnesota, you would think you would win the game. The defense really let Quarterback Kirk Cousins down last week.

  1. Green Bay Packers(5-4)

I’m going to be honest, the Packers did not deserve to win the game against the Bears. However, young quarterback Brett Hundley looked pretty decent in the 4th quarter.

  1. Baltimore Ravens(4-5)

Joe Flacco is not a good quarterback. However, the Ravens have an emerging star in running back Alex Collins. CJ Mosley is a very good linebacker, who is leading this average at best defense.

  1. Chicago Bears(3-6)

The running back combo of Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen is dangerously good. The Bears just seem to have the worst luck. Quarterback Mitch Trubisky has shown promise.

  1. Indianapolis Colts(3-7)

Without quarterback Andrew Luck, this team hasn’t been awful. They lost a close game against the Steelers which could have been easily won.

  1. Arizona Cardinals(4-5)

I have no idea how this team is 4-5. Cornerback Patrick Peterson has been carrying on defense while running back Adrian Peterson has revitalized his career in Arizona.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers(3-6)

The Chargers always lose the close games. Quarterback Philip Rivers is such a competitor. He was going all out in that game against the Jaguars. Expect bigger things from the Chargers.

  1. New York Jets(4-6)

The Jets finally came back down to earth and played at a level we all know and love. Still though, very surprised about how good this team has played with the lack of talent it has.

  1. Miami Dolphins(4-5)

Jay Cutler: superhero. Ok, maybe not a superhero, but you have to wonder where would this team be without him. Lack of linebackers show in the defense.

  1. Houston Texans(3-6)

Ok, I understand that Deshaun Watson is out for the season, but that doesn’t mean the world ends for the Texans. Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller are star receivers who just need to be thrown the ball.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-6)

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a quarterback who does nothing special but keeps you in the game. The Bucs defense played well enough to beat the Jets. Won’t last long though.

  1. Denver Broncos(3-6)

Bold prediction: the Broncos will not win a game with Brock Osweiler at quarterback. Also, what happened to the defense this season. They’re still good but not dominating which is what fans expected.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals(3-6)

This is a harsh spot for the Bengals, but for a team that has so many talented players, the Bengals should be better. Quarterback Andy Dalton still needs to prove himself.

  1. San Francisco 49ers(1-9)

The 49ers won last week…against the Giants. However a win’s a win and you take them when you can get them. Also, I can’t wait for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to get is chance.

  1. Cleveland Browns(0-9)

The only reason they’re not last is because their offense was actually really good against what is supposed to be a solid Lions team. Quarterback DeShone Kizer showed promise last game.

  1. New York Giants(1-8)

Tight end Evan Engram and running back Orleans Darkwa are the only bright spots on this team. What in the world happened to the defense this year? I mean the offense had injuries and they had to change their entire scheme but the defense had no excuses this year.