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Appreciating school lunches

Apr 28, 2017


photo by Danny Mydra

Photo of Noodle dish and side salad from the Royal Cuisine.

As once said by holistic health practitioner/food advocate and author, Ann Wigmore, “The food you eat can be the either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

I, as a consumer, am very impressed with the lunches that are served here at HHS. HHS provides many options and the food is very good and fresh and it is easy to supplement for you needs, with how many options there are and how students are able to have choices of three different fruits or veggies and a milk with no extra cost added to your lunch.

Even though Hopkins could offer a cheaper, less healthy lunch that costs less, they care more about the health of their staff and students and instead go with more nutritious options. Over the course of one year, Hopkins loses around $60,000 dollars from lunch with all costs included.

I am very impressed with the efforts that HHS and their staff puts in to make kids want to eat their lunches and how quality the food is compared to even the junior highs or elementary school. Looking at the items on other lake conference schools, such as dessert items and fried foods and Domino’s pizza, I am very happy I have the privilege to eat here at HHS.

HHS provides different colors of vegetables offered each day in the “second to none” fruit and vegetable bar, as said by Barb Mechura, Director of Operations for the School Nutrition department throughout the Hopkins schools, so there is variety for the students and staff to choose from. This sets Hopkins apart from many other schools in the state by not just serving fruit and vegetables that people want to eat, but also the fruit and vegetables that they need to eat.

For me, HHS provides new options daily at “The Grill”, the pasta bar, and “Ethnic adventures”. There are also options to fall back on, such as build to order sandwiches at the front of the cafeteria, and pizza every day to the right of the entrance, and the fresh and healthy salad bar.

The cafeteria isn’t the only great thing about the HHS eating experience. The “Royal Rock Cafe” Offers a tasty variety of options and is very convenient to supplement your lunch or supplement between classes or to get some fuel in before after school sports of events.

I am very satisfied with the Food services here at HHS and I hope everyone gives it a fair shot despite the common bias of school lunches.

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