Spotlight: End of the Rainbow Fund

December 16, 2016


When Mr. Jesse Theirl, business education, asked his School Based Enterprise students for promotional ideas, Brielle Richardson, senior, came up with the idea titled ‘The End of the Rainbow Fund.’

School Based Enterprise is a class where students learn how to work in a professional business environment to give them experience for future jobs. The class is located in the Royal Corner next to the administration offices.

The End of the Rainbow Fund is a fund designed for students to help other students while getting something in return.

“The End of the Rainbow Fund at HHS helps close the opportunity gap for students in need of financial support to engage in their academic opportunities,” Richardson said.

Course fees, transcript fees, college application fees, and classroom materials are some examples of what the fund will be used for. Students will be able to contribute to the fund by purchasing ‘End of the Rainbow’ shirts at the Royal Corner with a majority of the profits going to the fund.

Richardson believes that The End of the Rainbow Fund will engage HHS students in a good cause that will benefit all students.

“I created it because I feel like Hopkins should support each other. I feel like Hopkins students do a lot to support other charities with donations, but we don’t do enough to donate to our own students that are in class with us everyday,” Richardson said.

The success of Richardson’s fund will rely heavily on student’s willingness to spend their own money on t-shirts, but she believes that the majority of students at HHS care a lot about one another and will take the initiative to help out.

“I think it will be very successful because so many students are in need of financial support and so many students like to give back to their community already. Giving back to something that is going to help so directly with our school will hopefully be very popular,” Richardson said.

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