Classes outside of grade level is becoming a normality

Maya Kupritz, Staff Reporter

Students from all grade levels are challenging themselves above and beyond the normal grades challenging classes. Starting in seventh grade, students can take a placement test if they want to jump ahead in that course.

Students who are at the junior high (for example, are in eighth grade and are taking ninth grade science), come to a point where the next year that class isn’t offered at the junior high. Those students have to come to the high school every morning and then go back to the junior high they attend.

Anna Anderson, sophomore, as a ninth grader, took sophomore classes at HHS. Now as a sophomore, she is taking two junior classes, AP language and composition.

“It wasn’t until eighth grade that I did credit by assessment (CBA), to skip eighth grade English,” Anderson said. “English seemed really easy to me and it didn’t make sense to spend time learning what I already knew, plus being ahead can be really nice for college and earning money from academics.”

Tomi Bundt, freshman, currently comes over to HHS building to take honors chemistry/AP biology.

“I started taking higher level science classes in seventh grade,” Bundt said. “I knew that I excelled in science so I decided to just study over the summer so I could do more advanced classes. Science has always been easy for me so I do enjoy them, but it definitely gets more challenging every year.”