Music legend Prince passes away at 57

Alex Schwartz, Staff Reporter

The people of the music industry mourn the loss of a legend, and the people of Minnesota mourn the loss of an icon. Prince Rogers Nelson, or Prince, passed away today at the age of 57.

Mr. David Williams, Language Arts, shared a close connection with the 1984 drama film Purple Rain, starring Prince, as he had a speaking role in the movie.

Mr. Williams played a stand up comedian/juggler in a bar scene that was later cut from the film. He was to be a background performer for Morris Day and Jerome.

As Mr. Williams was putting on a microphone for his scene with his shirt over his face, he heard a familiar voice.

“How you doing?”

Mr. Williams soon realized that he was speaking to Prince.

After a brief conversation between Williams and Prince through Williams’ shirt, Williams described him as a friendly guy.

Prince noticed that Mr. Williams had apples for juggling and had a simple question.

“Want to trade an apple for half a cheese sandwich?” Prince said.

Prince released his first album, For You, in 1978. However, his biggest year was in 1984, with the debut of his film and album Purple Rain. The album sold over 13 million copies and was the number one Billboard album for 24 weeks.

The film was also a success, as it grossed over $80 million, and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score.