Preparing for Pops: 44th annual concert

Abby Doeden and Alex Schwartz

With only four days remaining, the HHS music program is rushing to prepare for the 44th annual Pops concert.

While Mr. William Bell, Music, is excited for the concert, he is concerned about the preparation, as the band has not had much time to prepare.

“The challenge is our winter concert with completely different music was just a few weeks ago. We haven’t had much time to practice, but we will be fine,” Bell said.

This year, the Pops concert will take place on Friday and Saturday Feb. 12 and 13 at 7 pm. The Lean Mean Performance Machine (LMPM), the HHS Jazz Band, and the HHS Drum line will be performing. Along with the bands and orchestras performing there will be a senior men and women act.

Also performing are multiple students displaying their talents. These students include juniors Jessica Torrison and Maxim Peng, juniors, and Allie Ries, senior.

“It’s fun for the kids because it shows off their talents other than with the band,” Bell said.

Isaac Kadoun, senior, has been playing trumpet since fifth grade. He is looking forward to his final Pops concert.

“It is fun; it is a tradition [for the band],” Kadoun said. 

However fun the concert may be to watch, it is not all fun and games for those performing. Band members meet in class for roughly 90 minutes every other day, in addition to many after school practices during the weeks leading up to the concert. 

Megan Carlson, junior, believes that they are ready for the concert and is excited to see all of the acts.

“I’m more excited for this concert because we are playing songs that people will recognize, so more people will come,” Carlson said.

The Pops concert tickets are being sold for eight dollars for adults and students and five dollars for seniors. The theme this year is “20th Century Pops.”