Clubs hand out ribbons of peace, support


provided by Julia Johnson

Members of French Club hand out white ribbons to students during lunch. French Club and Tea Club joined to send a message of peace in the face of recent events worldwide.

Trianna Downing, Managing Editor

After the recent events across the globe over the weekend, Tea Club and French Club joined together to promote peace.

On Nov. 16, students of the clubs passed out white ribbons during lunches to represent their call for “Peace Throughout the Nations.” Countries such as France, Kenya, Lebanon, Japan, and Nigeria had flags drawn for them and spread across the lunch table.

Katie Leeke, senior, and Jessica Torrison, junior, were in charge of the event.

“We’re doing this to show countries that we’re supporting them any way we can,” Leeke said. “We might not make a large effort in the grand scheme of things, but we just want everyone to know that we’re here for them.”

The day before, members of French Club and Tea Club met to create over 400 white ribbons to represent all the nations affected.

“We thought it could be a very pure method to spread peace throughout the nations,” Torrison said. “We also noticed that all the flags that we represented had white in their flags, so that helped us establish unity.”

At the end of the day the clubs had handed out all but 39.

“The fact that we gave away so many [ribbons] was great,” Leeke said. “It shows how much our students care and strive to make a difference.”

Though the attacks and natural disasters were overseas, French Club and Tea Club made sure to highlight HHS students that were affected over the weekend.

“I know that students in our school had family in Lebanon and Paris and were worried for their safety,” Leeke said. “We want them to know that we are here for them. We want them to know that they aren’t alone.”

Leeke hopes that the effort the clubs are making will affect student on campus.

“More than anything, I hope more students show support for those affected,” Leeke said. “We only spread peace in large numbers.”