“Oliver!” comes to Blue Water Theatre

Fatima Sall, Staff Reporter

Numerous theatre productions have been released through Blue Water Theatre Company for young aspiring children with the dream of becoming actors and actresses.

Blue Water is a non-profit organization that was established in 2007 by Charlie Leonard, and it has been giving young people the support they need to be great ever since.

Their current endeavor is “Oliver,” a musical adaptation about an orphan who runs away from an orphanage and joins a group of boys trained to be pickpockets by an elderly mentor named Fagin. The performances of the production will run Dec. 3-5.

Trevor Wagner, senior, and Mikela Anderson, sophomore, have both been recruited for roles in the play.

“This would be my nineteenth show with Blue Water. Most of my theatre has been done with them,” Wagner said.

Wagner plays the role of Mr. Bumble, a rich, snotty, and stuffy upperclassmen who is a very abusive and aggressive character throughout the play.

“Acting is one of the few moments that I just truly feel free, I think. I’m able to release the crazy thoughts stored up inside, and express that, or have some type of commentary on that,” Wagner said.

Anderson is playing Old Sally, a midwife who helps delivers Oliver before his mother dies during childbirth.

“The role is intimidating and stressful, and the play is kind of dark,” Anderson said.

Both Wagner and Anderson are considering to pursue acting through college and beyond.

“I don’t know If I will [act beyond college]. I was thinking about minoring in theatre or show production” Wagner said.

Acting is a passion for both aspiring individuals, and have high hopes of the possibility to have it as a career choice.

“I would really like to do theatre in college and beyond because it’s a community-centered experience, and you meet new people,”Anderson said.

Wagner got his start in theatre through Blue Water, and their positive relationship has remained intact.

“It was my introduction to theatre where I got established. It’s a very welcoming and nice community with amazing people. I had never really been accepted in school or other places before then,” Wagner said.

Other Hopkins cast members include Eleanor Whittey, freshman, Maddie Whittey, freshman, playing Bet, and Andrew Zhou, senior, playing Fagin. A full cast list, ticket information, and audition information for Bluewater’s winter show, Les Misérables, can be found on the Blue Water website.”

Both Anderson and Wagner strongly encourage students and parents to come and see their play, as they believe it will be a success

“Come see Oliver,” Wagner said.