GSA celebrates Ally Week

Trianna Downing, Managing Editor

This week, Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club is celebrating Ally Week. GSA is committed to bringing awareness to students in and supporting the LGBTQ community at HHS.

Co-President Amber Rose Johnson, junior, strives for the club to provide a safe environment for members of the LGBTQ community.

“[GSA] is a place where all these people of the community get together and be supported, whether or not they feel they can be out at the whole school or out in a small group,” Johnson said.

To celebrate throughout the week, GSA set up a table during school lunches where students who read GSA’s ally statement received a rainbow ribbon. Students also had the option to sign an ally poster or write the reason they choose to be an ally of the community on a white board.

“The response [from the students] has been great,” Johnson said. “Last year during Ally Week, we made 200 [rainbow ribbons], and we ran out in the first hour. This year we made 100 more, and we still had to make more this morning. We just have a lot of support from the student body.”

In reply to any opposition they receive, GSA has a particular method in handling those situations.

“There’s always going to be people that disagree, and I wouldn’t say much of anything to them,” Johnson said. “They are entitled to their own opinion. But the moment they start expressing their opinion by hurting others, that’s when [GSA] will mention it to an adult to stop them.”

GSA is currently planning their first fundraiser, Drag Queen Bowling. The proceeds from the fundraiser will be going to GSA’s Qrom (Queer Prom) in the spring.

“Qrom is opened to anyone, but it’s specifically for students not from Hopkins or those who aren’t comfortable going to prom with their selected dates,” Johnson said. “Now they have an opportunity to go to prom and be in a safe and fun environment.”

For students interested in GSA, the club meets Tuesday mornings at 7:10 am in room West 116. For more information, contact either Mr. Jarrin Williams, Language Arts, or Mr. David Williams, Language Arts.