Boys volleyball seeks recognition in HHS athletics

Jade Hutton, Staff Reporter

HHS offers an array of sports for both boys and girls including football, basketball, gymnastics and many more. However, one sport that is not offered and deserves more recognition is boys volleyball.

In 2020, HHS offered a boys volleyball club team that was affiliated with Hopkins, but was not considered a varsity sport. The athletes were responsible for funding the team and many families were outraged. 

“It’s not fully sanctioned yet but we are hoping to have a sanctioned varsity sport this spring,” said Evan Gamst, senior.

Hopkins students were allowed to participate on teams of other schools within the Lake Conference because Hopkins did not have enough students enrolled to make a program. This ultimately heightened the competition between the volleyball teams by forcing Hopkins students to play against each other.

“My peers and I have been forced to join other teams. Last year I played for Minnetonka and I had a friend who played for Wayzata,” said Antonio Perez, senior “It was awful playing against my friends.” 

As of right now, three HHS students are fully enrolled and ready for the spring season. They have met with the coach and trained all year in hopes of a fully sanctioned varsity sport. 

“If people don’t join the team this spring I’ll probably join the Wayzata team, but that’s my last resort,” Perez said.

With the lack of interest and publicity being brought to the sport, the students already enrolled are hoping more peers to join. Everything is set and ready to go, all they need is a team.