“Trick” Review

Antonio Perez, Staff Reporter

“Trick” Alex G’s 3rd official album is coming up on its ten-year anniversary. Even now, the album still manages to stay fresh in the indie rock genre.

“Trick” put Alex G on the map, getting him a label deal after the record’s release. Songs from this album have recently surged in popularity due to their increasing use on TikTok. 

“Trick” explores many genres, jumping from alternative to indie folk to indie rock.

Alex Giannascoli, or Alex G, is a 29-year-old singer-songwriter born in Havertown, Pennsylvania. He was heavily involved in music his whole life and eventually began to release solo projects on Bandcamp. His unique sound quickly grew a following. 

Recently, Giannascoli arranged the soundtrack for a 2022 HBO Max exclusive, “We’re All Going to the World’s Fair”.



This track is my personal favorite on the album. The song immediately kicks in with a melancholy guitar riff and high pitch vocals that grab your attention immediately. 

The beauty of “Advice” shines through in Alex G’s lyrics. The title not only serves as a title for the song but as the basis for the entire track itself. 

The opening line, “don’t get hung on petty things,” is Alex G’s advice to the listener. 

Throughout the track, Alex G mentions that “The world is full of fishes, but I trust you.” 

In this line, he refers to a common phrase, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea.” He uses that to paint the picture that he truly loves or cares for whoever he is speaking of throughout the record, as he constantly mentions a back-and-forth unstable relationship. 

To close the song, he uses the line “make you hurt, we love you more.” 

This is another reference to back-and-forth relationship experiences, but through it all, Giannascoli says, “I trust you.”



The song “Mary” has recently gained popularity due to its catchy rhythm and lighthearted sound. 

The song seems to talk about an obsession with a girl named Mary. Alex G comments on all of the reasons he likes her over everyone else. 

In interviews Alex G explains that at a base value the song may seem to be about a simple crush, but the true meaning behind the song is fighting a battle with drugs and substance. Alex claims “Mary” can be marijuana, alcohol or any other common drug that makes you feel good for the moment. 



The track change is a fairly simple acoustically driven track. It has been a fairly popular song for him to play live. The song explores the fear of change. 

Through the song he reflects on past memories with a loved one. 

Alex says, “I loved you then, it’s not the same. I don’t like how things change,” portraying how sudden things like breakups can be difficult to trek through.