Student led production: “Joe Does Sports”

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Joe Krattley, senior, is an aspiring young sports reporter. He is making his start at HHS with his segment “Joe Does Sports.”

Dressed in a tropical shirt, a plaid suit, and shorts to round out his signature outfit, Krattley can be seen on the sidelines supporting Hopkins Royals athletics. 

“The suit I wear is heavily inspired by Andrew Callaghan from All Gas No Brakes and Channel 5,” Krattley said. “The shorts, sunglasses, and unique shirts are implemented for comedic effect, comfort, and when I want to mix things up a bit.”

Now in his second year of “Joe Does Sports,” Krattley has become one of the more knowledgeable Royal sports minds at HHS. Because of his integrity, he covers any sport that has a significant game or event, but he does have his favorites.

“I really enjoy covering football because I know a lot of guys on the team, which makes it easier to speak about what’s going on during the game,” Krattley said.

“Joe Does Sports” made its first appearance this year at the girls and boys varsity soccer games at Minnetonka High School. Krattley and the crew made the mistake of showing up to the girls JV game a couple minutes into the first half, but that just made for a good bit in the first episode of the segment.

One of the most unique aspects of “Joe Does Sports” is that there is no script or notes Krattley recites. Once the camera starts rolling, he improvises his movements and his dialogue to whatever he sees fit.

“Improvising what I say without any thought beforehand really allows me to say what I’m thinking, but also can result in some pretty bad takes,” Krattley said. “I almost find it harder to say what I want to when there’s a script because I feel as if I have to say it a certain way.”

If you ever see Krattley and the “Joe Does Sports” crew on the sidelines or in the bleachers, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. Krattley enjoys incorporating fans in his segments, and even holds interviews with players and students to get different perspectives about whatever he is covering.

“I really enjoy interacting with all the fans, and the energy the student section brings at any sporting event I cover is always really fun,” Krattley said.