The Depot Freight Room; a place to gather for HHS students

Lena Padilla-Carson, Staff Reporter

Students gather to enjoy the “Twilight” movies during the Freight Room’s most recent event. (Lena Padilla-Carson)

Finding a fun and affordable place to hang out with friends can be hard, but The Freight Room at the Depot Coffee House provides fun and easy-to-find activities.

The Freight Room is a non-profit organization, funded by the Hopkins City Council, for the younger generation to gather and meet new people. 

Recently, the Freight Room had a movie marathon of the “Twilight” series, movies that have recently become popular again since its 2008 release. 

For this event, students were invited to bring friends, blankets and pillows for a small and cozy movie marathon with pizza included for free. 

“The Freight Room events are fun, inclusive, and lively,” said Nina Fontanella, chair of the Depot’s Youth Advisory Board. 

The idea for a “Twilight” movie marathon was cleverly chosen by the Youth Board. The night turned out to be an enjoyable and easy-going event.  

The movie marathon was mainly promoted on The Depot’s official Instagram, @thedepot. Fun reminders included a “Create Your Own Bella Twilight Outfit” post, with options to create an outfit inspired by Bella Swan, the series’ protagonist. 

Kaia Grussing-Neitzel, junior, said she found the event through the Depot’s social media. 

“It was super welcoming and fun,” Grussing-Neitzel said. “I had a great time with my friends and even made some new ones while I was there.”

While music nights are a popular and common event to be hosted, with local bands and fun themes such as Old Timey Jam or French Canadian Jam, the Freight Room also hosts other events. This October will feature a Halloween Bash and a repeat of the popular Super Smash Bros MELEE tournament. 

Make sure to check out the Freight Room’s website and Instagram for updates on upcoming events. The Depot will continue to provide fun and inviting activities in the future.

If you’re looking for a great place to hang out or a warm drink for the upcoming colder seasons, the Freight Room at the Depot Coffee House is a great place to check first.