HHS staff and their “New Girl” counterparts

Natalia Trujillo, Staff Reporter

“New Girl” is one of the most popular television shows on Netflix. Many teens claim that “New Girl” is their comfort show because they can relate to the characters. Lots of people like to compare themselves to characters on the show. If you have watched “New Girl” you could probably think of someone you know that is very similar to one of its characters. 

The show’s main character is Jessica Day. She is very quirky and bubbly. She loves to wear colorful outfits and impersonate characters from other movies and shows. Karin Johnson (KJ), science, is similar to Jess because she is also fun and quirky. If you have ever been to her classroom, you can see photos of her dressed up in different costumes taped on her window. 

Another fan-favorite from the sitcom is Winston Bishop. Jeff Kocur, English, is scarily similar to Winston’s personality. Both are funny and care-free. Kocur loves to have a good time and is very outgoing. Winston loves pulling pranks, and Kocur loves making memes and throwing markers at Max Hill, senior. They are both very happy people that are very personable. The only difference might be that Kocur does not have a cat named Ferguson. 

Winston Schmidt is one of the most distinct characters on the show. He is known for his very outgoing personality. Schmidt is very loud and funny, just like Daniel Nelson (Champ), math, that students love for those exact reasons. He makes learning fun with his upbeat personality and crazy stories. People love Schmidt and Champ because they are funny and relatable.

Nick Miller is one of the cooler characters on the show, or at least he tries to play it off like he is. Miller is easygoing, friendly and funny, just like Chris Adams. All the students love him, and he is friends with most of the teachers. Another teacher that is similar to Nick is Jesse Theirl, business, because they have the same sense of humor and are both pretty easygoing. However, Nick is terrible with money and Theirl is a finance teacher.

Cece Parekh is actually the coolest character on the show. She is out of everyone’s league. Her best friend is Jess. Although she is one of the side characters, she seems like the main character because she has an important role in the show that carries the story along. In this way, she is like Nathalee Morris, who is also really cool and liked by most students. She is secretly very funny and a bit intimidating, but once you get to know her, she is very nice.

Coach is another funny character on the show who loves messing around and having a good time. He is friendly, outgoing, loud, and loves to tell stories, just like Vincent Paolucci, gym. Coach is also a gym teacher. Paolucci is a very fun teacher who the students love. He keeps the students engaged, even those who don’t usually like PE class. Coach and Paolucci would be great friends if they met each other, and if they taught a class together, it would be even better!