New wave of social media apps and features on the rise


Marit Erickson, Variety Editor

“BeReal” has become the newest social media craze since its rise in popularity in 2022. The app focuses on authenticity, with a daily notification providing users with two minutes to post an unedited photo of themselves using both their front and back camera. 

The app’s concept is one of the most inventive in years. Unlike every other social media app, there is no way to become famous, compare followers, or manipulate your appearance. 

However, “BeReal’s” novelty may have been destroyed.

Instagram and TikTok have ripped off “BeReal”, and more social media platforms are sure to follow. 

Meta, who owns Instagram, is notorious for stealing the ideas of other apps. Features like Stories and the Close Friends list are both a direct ripoff of Snapchat. Meta has also borrowed from TikTok by creating Reels. 

Knowing Meta’s past, one could almost predict that a BeReal imitation was sure to arise. Instagram is calling its new front-and-back-camera function “Dual”. 

Instagram has also been testing “IG Candid Challenges,” which has the timed notification that made BeReal famous. 

TikTok was quicker in making a “BeReal” clone when they launched “TikTok Now” this September. 

“TikTok Now” also provides a video option in addition to photo, connecting it closer to the app’s original purpose. 

It’s no surprise “BeReal’s” creativity is being replicated. For every ingenious app developer is a massive corporation ready to steal their ideas. 

The question is whether or not people will actually use “TikTok Now” and “IG Candid Challenges.” For those who don’t have BeReal downloaded, Instagram and TikTok’s new functions could be exciting. 

Still, it’s hard to imagine “BeReal’s” massive user base will transfer to an alternative app.