Junior vs. Senior powderpuff football game tradition returns

Katerina Kruse, feature editor

Falling back into the flow of a regular school year promotes the return of many forgotten HHS traditions. To increase school spirit and keep students excited about community building, classic High School events are resurfacing.

This year the once-annual Powderpuff football game played between the Junior and Senior girls has made a comeback. Many HHS students are excited to get on the field after a failed effort last school year to host the game. 

¨Iḿ really happy we´re doing powderpuff,¨ said Allison Butz, Senior. ¨Everyone is super nice and bringing back traditions like this makes me feel more connected to my classmates.¨ 

Powderpuff not only creates a fun event for the HHS student body to attend but additionally promotes unity and comfort between peers. Although doing a project together might get the ball rolling, running plays and practicing routes brings trust and support to a new level. 

Both the Junior and Senior teams are preparing for the game by hosting practices run by volunteer student coaches, often players from the HHS football team. The players are learning new skills all while enjoying the outdoors and getting a taste of the competitive spirit.

“We have a ton of great speed and strength,” said Rhys Vagle, Senior. “Our team is meshing together very well and we’re ready for the game.”

The game will be hosted Wednesday, October 12th at the HHS varsity football stadium, also referred to as the Den. Both the Junior and Senior teams will wear individual team gear, separating them from the competition.

¨I love playing football, I think I´ve found a new hobby and can´t wait for the game,¨ said Butz.