HHS Culture Club hosts a night to share traditions

Louie Schachtman, Staff Reporter


As you walk through the mall at HHS and see the flags of all the countries on the ceiling, you must wonder if any of these hold a special place in students’ hearts at HHS.

Milka Tessema, senior, wants to share the beauty of all of the cultures at HHS and has worked towards holding a Culture Night for all students. It will be held on May 20th from 5:30 to 8:30 in the little theater and the mall.

Tessema and the For the Culture Club are currently getting the word out about Culture Night. If you wonder what this could look like, think of a festival of information, food, gathering, and a significant experience that could benefit your life. 

“My own culture inspired me, and I really wanted to make mine known within the community, and I feel like others would too,” Tessema said. “Also, the University of Minnesota has their culture nights for their school, and I think that is so important for the students to have this, and it also is just fun.” 

Many people at HHS have similar thoughts too. Students here are very passionate about their cultures, and they are also highly interested in learning about others. 

People are very excited about the different cultural dishes shown at the event.

“I’m excited about fried chicken and Indian food,” Ary Williams, junior, said. “I also want to see Somalian food and African food. I am so excited to see African outfits too. They are so pretty. I also am interested in eating fufu (A West-African dish).”

Different students at HHS are also very intrigued by exploring different cultures around the globe.

“I would like to go to Asia,” Dvyne James, sophomore, said. “I have heard that it is beautiful, and I am interested in going and learning more about the different cultures there.” 

Culture Night will be beneficial for the Hopkins community, and students hope this turns into a tradition every year.