HHS officially decide on name to replace Lindbergh Center

Allen Lin, Staff Reporter

Hopkins recently renamed the Lindbergh Center to the Royals Athletic Center. This became official when the Hopkins School Board and the Minnetonka City Council voted to approve this change in March. The renaming process started last year in June. 

This process had two surveys to select names by using ranked choices. The final survey had over 600 responses. The Hopkins Activity Center was voted the most; the other running names include Royals Center, The Hopkins Recreation Center, and the Mni Sota Makoce Center. 

The Minnetonka City Council also introduced an ordinance to change the address of Hopkins High School and the Royal Athletic Center from Lindbergh Drive to Royal Drive. 

“We will start ordering signage immediately for the exterior lighted signs,” Kevin Neuman, supervisor, said. “We also can begin painting over some of the interior signage.

They will begin changing the Lindbergh Center after school ends.

“We have scheduled the main basketball floor painting for July and the removal of the metal lettering on the building’s exterior in June,” Neumann said. “The only logos that will change will be the two on the main playing floor that says Lindbergh Center. The new Royals Athletic logos have been designed by our Communications Department. The preliminary cost is over $50,000.”

“I think it’s a great name,” David Rothman, junior, said. “Charles Lindbergh was well-known antisemitic, so it makes sense to pick a new name. The new name includes everyone and offends no one.”

Many students agree on how hurtful Lindbergh’s ideas were and feel that this name change will provide a more welcoming environment. 

“It’s really nice that the school district recognizes how hurtful Lindbergh’s ideas were to some community members,” Rothman said. “The name change is a big deal to all of us who were aware of the painful history associated with it. I am also looking forward to this change. Thank you to all who were involved in making this change happen.”