Winning time: the rise of the Lakers dynasty review

Max Wolfe, Staff Reporter

“Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” is a new sports drama TV series. The first episode aired on March 6th, 2022 on HBO Max with new episodes coming out each Sunday. The show will have a 10-episode season with the last episode debuting on May 8th, 2022, and was renewed for a second season. 

This series is based on the 1980s, after eccentric businessman Jerry Buss (played by John C. Riley) purchased the Los Angeles Lakers to bring in loads of profit and fans. 

Buss wanted to expand the franchise past a sports team into an entire entertainment spectacle, starting with improvements to their stadium, The Forum. 

With a star-studded team headlining rookie Earvin “Magic” Johnson (played by Quincy Isaiah) and Veteran All-Star Kareem Abdul-Jabar (played by Solomon Hughes), the Lakers had high hopes for their season.

Johnson went into the draft fresh from leading his team, Michigan State University, to a national championship victory against the Larry Bird led Indiana State University. After being selected first overall by the Lakers, Johnson felt like the world was in his hands. Soon he realizes not everything was so easy. 

From the beginning of the show, the team faces internal and external troubles. With many new factors rolling into the Lakers facilities, they have to figure out how to navigate through some unexpected obstacles. Financial concerns, coaching and staff issues, and many other problems all challenge the team as they work towards a turnaround winning season.         

 As a sports fan, I really enjoyed watching this series. I think that the directors and producers do a great job in giving an 80s vibe to the show, including the era’s culture, the clothing, the slang, and even the look of the buildings. I would recommend this show to anyone interested in basketball and who wants to learn some behind the scenes about the Showtime Lakers.

Winning time: the rise of the Lakers dynasty
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