Spring Fashion Forecast

Marit Erickson, Variety Editor

As spring weather gradually descends upon us, it’s finally time for the greatest season of fashion.

Each day of April seems to vary between a rainy 45 degrees to a balmy ’60s. This variety allows for amazing potential in choosing what to wear. Sweaters, tank tops, shorts, and jeans; can all be comfortably adorned this month.

These days especially, fashion seems to be more accessible. Thrifting has become a necessity amongst many teens, so looking cute no longer correlates with a price tag.

I’ve accumulated a list of trends to look out for this season.




If you’ve been on Pinterest recently, you’re probably already aware of the crochet renaissance taking place. 

Many people are even beginning to create their own original pieces, which is an amazing and frugal way to make everyone jealous of your style.

I especially like crocheted cardigans. These are easy to throw on and ultimately elevate an outfit. 


Bermuda Shorts


I know, I know. Bermuda shorts have always gotten a bad rep. Usually, my go-to’s are shorter. Still, when styled right, I think Bermuda shorts can be really cute. 

Paired with a cropped baby tee or tank, the contrast between little-shirt-big-pants is perfect. 


Floral Dresses / Skirts


There’s nothing more delicate and pretty than a soft floral pattern. Whether on a dress or skirt, this trend is perfect for getting into the warm weather spirit. 

I especially love this paired with a leather jacket, which perfectly juxtaposes serious and dainty.


Loafers / Mary Janes / Dr. Martens


The leather shoe has become commonplace in both men’s and women’s fashion. 

Rapper Tyler the Creator has had specific influence in bringing about this new loafer phenomenon. His style as well as his brand “Golf Wang” have been hugely influential overall.

I love Mary Janes with a long skirt or some platform Docs paired with flared jeans. Long socks are an absolute necessity. 




Lace has become a closet staple. The ever-increasing popularity of vintage clothing has pushed the lace craze to what it is today. I love it paired with neutral tones, like brown, tan, or with a pop of  blue. 


Sporty Sunglasses


This spring, one of my favorite trends are these athletic, dad fishing sunglasses. I love implementing masculine items in my wardrobe, so this is perfect. It’s almost camp, how they’re so ugly they’re cute. 

Many celebrities have begun jumping on this trend, including Kylie Jenner and the Hadid sisters.