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Player Profile: Drew Charney

Sep 26, 2021

Drew Charney, junior, recently committed to the Division 1 baseball program at Butler University.

This comes as only a surprise to few. Around HHS and the Minnesota high school baseball scene, many know Charney as one of the hardest working and most dedicated students to his craft. 

Charney’s baseball days start after school. Once he finishes his homework, he practices for up to four hours a day. At practice, he trains his strengths, which include defensive catching, finding barrels when hitting, and long tossing. 

“Drew is an extremely talented baseball player,” said Chase Johnson, junior, “A lot of young players look up to him and his dedication to the sport.”

On top of baseball, Charney takes his health very seriously. He makes sure to work out after school every day and has been doing so since he was 14. He also makes sure that his diet has the right amount of macronutrients so he can stay in peak condition.

Needless to say, following Charney’s schedule is not easy. 

“It’s a lot of dedication… you have to make a lot of sacrifices with both your time and social life,” said Charney. “But in the end, it’s been paying off.”

On top of being one of Hopkins’ best baseball players, Charney is a loved character among the student body.

“Drew is one of the friendliest, most positive kids I know… he’s a humble guy,” said Max Wolfe, junior. “Drew’s someone I always enjoy being around… he’s the complete opposite of egotistical.”

Through all the thousands of hours, tournaments, and games, Drew Charney has proven to be a prime example of excellence at Hopkins, not only as a Division 1 bound sports player but as a peer to other Royals as well.

“I want to help my team win a state championship for this school before I go,” said Charney. “Students should be more excited than ever about Hopkins baseball and the team behind it.”

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