Additional 5th block seeking to provide students an hour of opportunity

Annabel Lyons, Staff Reporter

After a year of online learning, students are finally back to in person school, and this school year HHS is making some changes.

The change that has arguably caused the most conversation in the building is the new fifth block schedule that has made room for Opportunity Hour. In years past, HHS has had WIN, which served a similar purpose. This year, an entire fifth class of the day has been implemented into every student’s schedule to give them an hour and ten minutes everyday to get whatever they need.

Associate Principals Lorenzo Farley and Kelly Tennison held a meeting to ask for input from students on possible options for this hour.

Every student that wanted to participate and share their opinions had the chance. Students came up with a multitude of ideas which included “recess” time where students could spend a block outside, an open gym where students could utilize a gym space for activities such as shooting hoops, and a college application help room where students could get assistance from teachers for their essays, letters of recommendation, or any other advice they needed.

Of the ideas suggested, Farley remarked that the funnier ideas such as a recess and a “nap time” for high schoolers made him chuckle. He enjoyed hearing that students wanted to use their newfound time for college prep, to create their own businesses, or leading restorative circles as well.

I believe a lot of ideas that were presented aligned with what we are trying to accomplish with motivating scholars to love school again. A place where all scholars feel there are classes specifically for them and that they’re passionate about,” said Farley.

As far as a timeline, he says, “We’re hopeful that by term two or at least after winter break heading into term three.”