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As Decision Day Comes Around the Corner, New Senior Tradition Blooms

Apr 22, 2021

Decision day at HHS is typically a big day for many seniors to declare their future schools, majors, and pathways for life.

While it is always honored slightly differently, the past two years have been distinctly unique. 

The emergence of the decision day Instagram account originally created in 2020, resurfaced again this Spring for 2021. This widespread, informational-styled account, creates individual posts for each senior who desires to be honored. It then states their school, major, commitment, or any plan they may for the future.

“Hearing where students are headed after they graduate fills me with pride and hope. Sometimes kids will send me an email or will stop by and tell me when they get the big news, but sometimes they don’t. So this is just another way to get the news,” said Mr. Dain Liepa, Language Arts.

Originally, the first HHS decision day account was created amongst severe graduation ceremony restrictions due to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This very accessible, and fun way to stay connected with Hopkins students’ plans seems as though it may continue to resurface for many years to come. 

“I think that this type of account has been growing as students have found it both interesting and convenient. I could definitely see this becoming an unofficial senior class tradition, not only at our school but with many high schools” said Josie James, senior. 

Dominic Valentini, senior, also is fond of the new tradition that may come about.

“In past years I haven’t really perceived decision day as anything special. This year is a little anticlimactic but I think the account is really good and I definitely think it’s a good tradition to start,” said Dominic Valentini, senior. 

Living in a technology-driven world, it may even be surprising that this decision day style of account hadn’t been created prior to coronavirus quarantine. Still, its recent creation has proven to be a hit.

The HHS decision day account reaches many and creates lots of excitement for the future amongst the community.

I’ve seen the Hopkins Senior Decision Day Account these past two years. I don’t believe I follow it, but it shows up on my algorithm as a suggested page from time to time, and when it does I sometimes take a look to see if I recognize any of my former students,” said Liepa.

Many students are thrilled by the account as it offers another covid safe way to feel connected to their classmates during the pandemic. Although remembering what a “normal” decision day might be like is upsetting, HHS students have prevailed in finding a new way to stay excited near graduation.

“This type of account is really interesting for me to see as a senior because connecting with students is a little more difficult this year. This account is a cool way for us to stay aware of what our classmates’ plans are for next year,” said James. 

Though the 2021 class graduation is again non-typical, being able to utilize technology to their advantage, this senior class is much more connected to those of past generations.

“It’s weird to think back on, but we were largely left to our own devices. I didn’t even know where some of my close friends in high school ended up, and vice versa. We didn’t have social media, and the relationship I had with my teachers and with adults in general, with the exception of a few teachers I connected with, was largely antagonistic,” said Liepa.

While reminiscing about past traditions may be intoxicating, HHS’s decision day students grasp of the present, making the most of the coronaviruses’ restrictions is a powerful way to keep senior year culture alive. 

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