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Student Council Goes Viral with their Creative TikTok Account

February 18, 2021

On Feb. 4 students went back to in-person school, and HHS student council prepared for classes by making a TikTok account.

The TikTok account, @studcohhs, has obtained a following of over 28,000 users and it seems to be increasing every few days. The 37 videos posted by the account have racked up a total of 745,000 likes.

The account was started by Julia Amato, senior. Amato works with other members of the student council to make the videos.

“It has been super fun to film around the school,” Amato said. “Since I run the account on my phone, I have gotten to work with the sophomores and get to know them better.”

The student council decided to make a TikTok in January in order to connect with students virtually.

“About a month ago we just decided to make a TikTok,” Amato said. “We just thought it would be fun to make cute videos and be interactive with our students because so many are home and it has been hard to reach them.”

While many of the videos have around 15 to 30 thousand views, three of the videos have hundreds of thousands of views. The most popular video posted to the account is captioned “Hopkins Outlets” and has over 970,000 views and 280,000 likes.

“I think the outlet TikTok is the most famous because it’s super random,” Amato said. “TikTok is all about creativity and people being weird and themselves, people might think the videos are funnier coming from a school account.”

Tik Tok has become one of the biggest social media platforms with over 1 billion users. 

The account’s fanbase is not limited to HHS students. One user commented, “I’m from California, I think I’m lost.” Another user commented, “Be right back, moving to America to go to this school.”

The student council’s TikTok might be the most popular thing they’ve done this year, but it’s not the only thing.

The student council put together a drive-in movie back in October, a football watch party in November, and a trivia night in December.

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